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Hello, and welcome to the GirlSportWorks Website!

We’re thrilled that we now have a place where we can post up-to-date pictures, bios on our all-star team, and news and stories from Project Managers in Cusco. We hope that you’ll check in periodically to learn about our program successes (and challenges!) and get to know our students, schools, and teachers through the website.

Enormous thanks for making this happen go to Evan Madow, our web designer extraordinaire, and Alex Behles and Elise Boyson, our two most recent Project Manager alumni who came up with the idea for this project and executed beautifully.
A key element of our success depends on our ability to connect our two worlds: the highlands of Peru with our largely metropolitan landscapes, the pressures and angst of adolescence with the recurrent stress of the work week, the intense football scrimmages between classmates with Eagles / Cowboys face-offs. This website gives us the opportunity to build a stronger bridge between the classes we teach in four schools in Cusco and the day-to-day life most of us experience in the US.

As you read through the site, we encourage you to think about the positive impact that sports have had in your life. What life skills have they taught you? How might you translate this experience to a teaching opportunity for underprivileged, sharp, and enthusiastic girls?

Please drop us a line if you’d like to hear more about the program, have ideas for the way we go about teaching life skills to girls through sports, or just want to say hello!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah & Becky

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