Field Trips to Parque (Park) Urpicha

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girls stand next to slide

Los Nogales girls pose near one of the big slides

Every so many months GirlSportWorks program managers change up class and take trips with each of our school groups. Last November Santoni, Los Nogales, and Mantay students enjoyed a trip to the local indoor pool. The older of the two groups from Pacca loved the recent overnight trip to Machu Picchu and just last week we took the Los Nogales and Santoni groups on trips to a local fun park near the city center.

metal slides

Urpicha has a structure of 3 slides in one!

Parque (Park) Urpicha has 3 massive slide structures, each of which includes at least two adjacent winding slides. At first afraid of the height at the top, the girls overcame their fears and giggled and screamed as they winded down the tunnels. We profes even joined the fun and slid down with a train of kids in front and behind us. In addition to the slides, the girls played on see-saws (called sube-baja here), swings, spinning rides, and walked through a hall of mirrors. We also brought volleyballs and frisbees should the girls need a change of activity.

kids eat pizza

Jamie serves the girls their pizza lunch.

The final element of the trip was the pizza and peanut butter & jelly sandwich lunch accompanied by healthy fruit juices. Hardly any of the girls had ever tried these delicious American staples. Needless to say there really was never a dull moment and the girls had a blast!

girls on fair ride

Linda and Anita enjoy one of the rides in the park.

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