Introducing Kimochi!

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Student holding Kimochi, a stuffed toy cloud

Fanny from Colegio Santoni proudly shows off our new friend Kimochi

It is tradition, that at the end of each class we present La Coneja Colaboradora, or Collaborative Bunny in English, to the girl or girls who most exemplified the characteristics of a Chica Dinámica. Every girl knows that the Coneja Colaboradora is given to the girl who plays with the most enthusiasm, participates the entire class, collaborates with her teammates, and demonstrates leadership. Receiving the Coneja Colaboradora is an honor and each girl truly enjoys the opportunity to embrace the Coneja Colaboradora.
students hands all touching the collaborative bunny

Our Santoni girls, with our Collaborative Bunny, put their hands in for the end of class cheer

We recently introduced a new friend to our classes, Kimochi La Nube, or Kimochi The Cloud. Kimochi hails from Japan and is a long way away from home here in Cusco, Peru. Kimochi is a counseling tool whose face can be manually changed from happy to sad. At the end of class once a week we pass Kimochi around the circle, giving each girl a chance to share why she is happy and/or why she is sad. We try to encourage the girls to go beyond just talking about what happened during the day’s sports class and to share about their lives at home, at school, etc.
3 students with kimochi

Sometimes Kimochi is happy…..

3 students playing to look sad with Kimochi

and sometimes he is sad.

Kimochi has been a huge hit and the girls always ask about him, the new friend of La Coneja Colaboradora. We also offer soft and cuddley Kimochi to comfort our girls if they get hurt or are just having a bad day–he always calms and brings a smile!
student holding Kimochi, shares her feelings

Naomi from Colegio Los Nogales shares her feelings with the group

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