Crafts, Cake and Cheer

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The holidays are upon us and with them come special festivities and excitement. The city of Cusco has strung up colorful Christmas lights in the Plaza de Armas and we’ve had our fair share of cake at each of our schools. In addition to holiday merriment, the school year here in Cusco ends in December. As a result, we have been celebrating both the end of classes and the approaching Christmas holiday. This past week, we had the chance to do special activities at each of our schools in honor of the aforementioned.

At Pacca’s Virgin de la Natividad, or Pacca for short, we led a field day in sports class for our younger group of girls. The field day gave them the opportunity to participate in smaller teams with more friendly competition than our usual sports classes. The team of Las Estrellitas, or the stars, won the soccer tournament after a heated final match.

Las estrellitas: first place winners!

In our English classes at Los Nogales, the students got to be creative with a holiday craft morning. We made muñecos de nieve (snowmen) and renos (reindeer). Boys and girls alike really loved making these holiday figures. Some even pinned their reindeer on their backpacks or jackets!

Students displaying their snowmen!

The teenage mothers at Casa Mantay also took pleasure in a day of crafts for their final class. Their creations ranged from Teresa’s paper Christmas chain of over 10 feet in length, to delicately painted tree ornaments. Plenty of renos and muñecos de nieve were also made and put on display in the house.

Miriam and Teresa, with Teresa’s Christmas chain

Additionally, we made goody bags for our sports students in primary school at Luis Vallejos Santoni and Los Nogales. The goody bags were filled with little trinkets like a game of jacks, colorful hair accessories, candy, and Chicas Dinámicas* stickers. The girls were extremely surprised and quite happy to receive their gift bags.

Gifts and treats in the goody bags

All in all, it has been an exciting last couple of weeks with end of year and holiday festivities. We’re sad classes are coming to a close and even more sad that our oldest students will be graduating from the program. However, we’re extremely glad to be returning in March for the start of the next school year!

Happy Holidays!

*Chicas Dinámicas is the name GirlSportWorks goes by here in Cusco.

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