TUSA in Cusco!

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After months of preparation, we are pleased to finally welcome the Triangle United Gold Under-14 soccer team (TUSA) to Cusco, Peru! The young women of TUSA hail from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and for many of these girls it will be their first time traveling outside of the United States. The team is accompanied by their
coach, Olympian Cindy Parlow.

TUSA team along with Coach Cindy Parlow and fellow soccer stars Mia Hamm, Carla Overbeck and Wendy Palladino, sporting Goals for Girls tshirts

TUSA’s trip to Cusco is a collaboration between GirlSportWorks and a US-based non- profit called Goals For Girls. Goals For Girls is an organization that allows girls to connect worldwide through the game of soccer. In the past, Goals for Girls has taken teams to Africa, and the GirlSportWorks / Goals for Girls collaboration will be the first trip to South America.

TUSA will also be engaging in a variety of activities and service projects during their stay here including soccer clinics, field days, and life skills training with GirlSportWorks students. The girls will also be participating in several exciting competitions between TUSA and Cusco soccer teams (both men and women)!

Poster outside of Colegio Luis Vallejos Santoni advertising the Olympic Field Day

We are so excited to partner with Goals For Girls and be part of the wonderful work they are doing to empower young women through sports! Please visit their blog (http://www.goalsforgirls.blogspot.com) for daily updates on events and actives. We will continue to post daily photos and information on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/GirlSportWorks).

Luz Briset and Shiomara displaying their permission slips for the soccer clinic and Olympic field days

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