Breaking the Ice with New Games

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This was a busy week at Los Nogales as the students prepared for a festival celebrating the school’s tenth anniversary. Every day the students went straight from class from to marching practice where they learned the steps to the traditional Peruvian dance, called Carnaval Cusqueño, which they would perform in front of the entire school community.  On the day of the fiesta, our students were beaming as they donned their beautiful suits and dresses adorned with patterns and symbols typical of Peru. The colorful spectacle was impressive and certainly reflected all of their hard work and preparation.

Because of the hectic week for Los Nogales, we took advantage of this altered schedule to work in a unit on teambuilding exercises with our sports students. We had been looking for an opportunity to introduce some unique games that would reinforce our lessons on teamwork and communication, and to our delight, these exercises were a great success!

Sitting in group sharing our two truths and one lie.

The first game we played is called two truths and a lie. In a group, we each take turns saying three facts about ourselves, only two of which are true. It is a very simple icebreaker, but it really allows the girls to think creatively and also get to know one another in a fun way. For our second activity, we played charades which had a great impact on our students. Each team was allowed to pick three items for the competition to act out to its own team. The process of brainstorming and selecting topics was a challenge at first; however, as the rounds continued, we really began to see the girls showing patience in taking turns to speak and learning to compromise as they selected their topics. The six graders in particular exhibited great initiative as they offered their younger classmates advice on which topics to brainstorm so that they could offer the greatest challenge to the other team. Acting out their favorite teachers from school quickly became a popular choice.

Nancy just helped her team win a point by acting out the word “bicycle.” At first, her team had trouble guessing, but she changed her strategy and they guessed correctly just before the clock ran out!

It was great to take day off our normal routine to focus on these exercises in order to grow and learn in the GSW values. Ultimately, we hope our students will learn that these are important lessons not just for sports class but for daily life.

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