Introducing the 2012 GSW Cookbook

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We are very excited to announce the launch of the first GSW Cookbook which will be available this December to all of our GSW supporters! Peru is known for its extraordinary cuisine which is why we have decided to bring some of these flavors to our wonderful GSW community back home.  From Ceviche to Lomo Saltado, this Cookbook will include some of the most traditional dishes that Peru has to offer.

Celia and Elizabeth made their way from Izcuchaca, a small rural town 35 minutes outside of Cusco, to cook for the 2012 GSW Cookbook!

We are very excited for this project not only because it will help us fundraise for our programs here in Cusco, but also because it is providing our students the opportunity to have a role in the fundraising as well. For each recipe we are inviting a small group of our older students to come to our home to cook their own version of the dish. So far this experience has been incredibly rewarding as we are able to spend an afternoon getting to know our students in a new environment and on a deeper level.

Elizabeth stuffing rocoto to make “Rocoto Relleno”

This past Sunday we hosted two of our Pacca students, Celia, age 15, and Elizabeth, age 16, in our home to cook “Papa Rellena”, stuffed potato, and “Rocoto Relleno”, stuffed pepper. It was striking to see how these two girls took command of the kitchen. After cooking a delicious mix of meat, vegetables and spices they stuffed this mixture into mashed potato cakes and Rocoto peppers, an infamously spicy pepper native to Central and South America. Meanwhile, we simply sat back and took notes. After the food was cooked we shared a great meal relaxing and telling family stories. In fact, we were very impressed to learn that when Celia and Elizabeth are not on their two week rotation attending Pacca they wake up every morning at 5 am to help with work on their parents’ farms.

Indeed, between work and school, these girls are very busy which is why it is so important for them to leave their daily routine once a week to develop new life skills through sports with GirlSportWorks. Furthermore, with their involvement in the creation of this Cookbook they are empowering themselves to do just this.

Celia teaching us the art of stuffing potatoes to make “Papa Rellena”

The 2012 GSW Cookbook is a great gift idea. If you are interested in pre-ordering yours in time for the holidays please follow this link to our online order page.

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