A trip to Saqsaywaman with Virgen de Rosario

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Last week, we had the opportunity to take the girls from Virgen de Rosario on their first field trip of the school year. After an interesting week spent navigating Peruvian bureaucracy, we were able to attain entry for 17 girls and ourselves into Saqsaywaman, a site of Incan ruins located close to the center of Cusco. Despite it being a cold and rainy afternoon, the girls had a fantastic time exploring the ruins, and were so grateful for the opportunity to take a field trip with GSW!

Chicas Dinámicas from Virgen de Rosario pose in front of the rocks at Saqsaywaman!

After a quick and chilly picnic, the girls were excited to explore the site. Saqsaywaman is known for the enormous rocks that the Incans used to construct the site, and they are certainly impressive to see, especially when compared with the smallest of our third grade students.

The girls were eager to show us the rock slides, and we had a great time running up the hill and sliding down the slides. Another favorite were the caves. Saqsaywaman includes a small network of caves that the girls were excited to explore. While some of them were scared to enter the small, dark caves, grabbing our hands and claiming they weren’t going to go in, soon they were having a great time running through the caves and waiting at the end to jump out and scare us.

The girls had a great time on the slides!

Camilla was entertaining everyone with her antics on the slides.

In addition to getting to explore Saqsaywaman, Wednesday was also Project Manager Kelly’s birthday! The girls were thrilled to get the chance to celebrate with her. They also got to try brownies for the first time, and they were a huge hit.

All the girls were so excited to celebrate Kelly's birthday with her!

Field trips are always fun, but more than that, it is such a rewarding experience to get to interact with our students away from their schools and our normal class setting. Seeing the girls light up and enjoy themselves as much as they do, even when it is cold and rainy, shows us the positive impact that GSW is having with them and how much they benefit from the chance to participate in the program.

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