Celebrating la Día de la Madre with Los Nogales

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Last week, Cusco was on serious party preparation mode getting ready for la Día de la Madre on Sunday. All of the schools spent the week leading up to the holiday preparing to put on elaborate celebrations complete with vibrant costumes, choreographed dances, singing and poems. In a culture which can at times seem frustratingly dominated by men, it was great to witness this entire week dedicated to celebrating the mothers in this society.

Mariciela explains to her mother before class how the incentive folders work.

To celebrate la Día de la Madre, we invited the mothers of our students at Los Nogales to attend class with their daughters on Monday. We thought this would be a great opportunity to involve the girls’ families in our program. As much contact as we have with all of our students on a weekly basis, we rarely get the opportunity to meet and interact with their families.

Yulisa and her mother

Class on Monday was a celebration of the relationship between these girls and their mothers. We were lucky enough to have several of the moms attend class and join in on a really fun game of volleyball. It was great to see the mothers taking on the role of coach, and helping the girls with their form on serving or passing, encouraging them to be energetic and work together as a team.

Mirelia gets ready to serve as her mom looks on!

We ended class with a mini fiesta, eating cake and drinking Inka Cola (a fluorescent, bubble gum-flavored soda that is a favorite among Peruvians). We were so grateful for the opportunity to get to meet some of the girls’ mothers and sisters, and to have the chance to celebrate this holiday with our own mothers so far away!

Mirelia and her mom and sister enjoy some cake after class!

Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms in the GSW community!

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