Support Female Empowerment and Win a World Cup T-Shirt!

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What does female empowerment mean to you? At GirlSportWorks we believe that everyone should be given the freedom to decide for themselves what they want out of life. This idea of choice can be taken for granted in many countries. As a child, my parents enrolled me in nearly every extracurricular activity they could think of, from hearts club to club volleyball. I sang, I wrote, I danced and knitted, but what if I wasn’t given those opportunities? How would my life be different now?Maria

Discrimination against women exists today, all over the world. Both developing and developed countries still struggle with issues of gender inequality. Our goal at GSW is to provide young girls and women in Peru with the skills they need to overcome these barriers and hear the power in their own voice. Together we work to give girls the opportunities they deserve. We do this by giving them what we took for granted as kids, the chance to play sports, interact with peers outside of school and learn about a healthy lifestyle.

downloadThis year, for the 2015 Women’s World Cup games, GSW has created the Women’s World Cup Challenge. Enter your best guess to win a World Cup T-shirt signed by our girls, and know that your donation will support GSW as we strive to create strong, empowered women throughout Cusco. Every participant will also receive a personalized thank you card with a photo of our girls. Your money will directly benefit our Chicas Dinamicas through developing new and existing GSW initiatives, taking the girls on exciting new field trips and purchasing new sports equipment.


Muchas gracias for your support!


Ali, Carly, and the GirlSportWorks Team