Introducing GSW’s New Project Managers: Larkin and Caroline

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Greetings from Cusco! In our first post as the 2015-2016 GSW Project Managers, we’d like to first thank Ali and Carly for all their help in getting us ready to take over as the nuevas profesoras for GSW. We spent the last two weeks with them in Cusco getting to know the city, the schools, and most importantly, the chicas dinámicas! We are now all moved into our apartment and preparing for next week, in which we’ll be making presentations and starting class at each of the five schools. We’ll definitely miss Ali and Carly, but we are so thankful for all the hard work they put into making our orientation in Cusco as productive and helpful as it was.

So now it is time to introduce ourselves!

Howdy! My name is Larkin, and I am so excited and honored to have the opportunity to be a part of GirlSportWorks. I’m even more excited to have Caroline by my side! When I stumbled upon the job listing for GSW the combination of travel, education, female empowerment, and sports was too perfect to pass up. I am a recent graduate of Scripps College in Claremont, California, where I majored in Media Studies (Film/Video Production) and minored in Hispanic Studies. I grew up on Bainbridge Island (a 35 minute ferry ride outside of Seattle) where I gained my appreciation for nature and outdoor activity. Sports were a significant part of my upbringing, showing me what my body was capable of. I was always playing more than one sport at a time including soccer, softball, swimming, martial arts, and track and field. In high school I started rowing, which turned out to be one of the most influential decisions of my life thus far. Without a doubt, my first regatta where I rowed two 10,000 meter races in a row was physically the hardest thing I have ever done, but I will never forget the feeling of accomplishment once it was completed. Physicality aside, rowing helped me develop and realize the importance of self confidence, focus, teamwork, and most of all friendship. I’m stoked for the year ahead and sharing what sports have done for me with these future Peruvian female superstars of the world!

Hello! My name is Caroline Miller, and I grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island, where I started skating once I could walk. Although I tried most sports throughout my childhood, it was the stick sports that really appealed to me, as my younger self felt too restrained by the rules of non-contact sports. I spent 15 years playing ice hockey, which helped spark my interest in field hockey, lacrosse, and tennis. It was my passion for sports that led me to St. George’s School, where I played four years of Varsity ice hockey as well as two years of Varsity field hockey. I also spent my summers at sleepover camp where I developed a passion for windsurfing, and after seven years as a camper, I worked as a lifeguard, windsurfing instructor, and counselor for four years. It was there that I gained an appreciation for working with children, and undoubtedly planted the seeds for my later interest in GirlSportWorks. After high school, I went west in search of the southern California sun, and attended Scripps College. I majored in Media Studies with a concentration in Critical Studies, and spent my four years lifeguarding at the Scripps pool as well as playing on a coed club field hockey team. Although we never won a game against the other southern California schools we played against, being a part of a team and meeting people from across the university consortium was one of the highlights of my college career (and somehow I still got selected as an All-League player during the 2012 season…go figure).

Larkin and I met at Scripps, and we bonded over a love of skiing and dancing to electronic music, which were two things we did throughout our four years. We spent several spring breaks skiing in Mammoth, and we took our love of dancing to a new level when we took up DJing our senior year under the name coast2coast. Scripps College made us proud to be women, confident, and empowered, and we graduated ready to take on the world. We are thrilled to be working with the Chicas Dinámicas here in Cusco, and we are excited to bring our love of sports to class each day. We also strive to inspire the girls to develop the life skills we gained from our college experience.

— Larkin and Caroline