Sacred Valley Brewery Fundraiser Success

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The last Saturday of April we had the pleasure of co-hosting a fundraiser at the Sacred Valley Brewery in Pachar, a small town in the Sacred Valley ten minutes outside of Ollantaytambo. We love going to their fundraiser party Fiesta del Fin del Mes every month, and we were honored to have the opportunity to partner with the brewery and put on our own fundraiser.

Besides being the recipient of 20 percent of the party profits, as hosts we also had the opportunity to organize a raffle. We were surprised and ecstatic with the support local businesses showed us through their willingness to donate to our raffle and–may I just say–it was a pretty banging raffle. We gathered more than 12 raffle items, including meals at some of Cusco’s finest restaurants, an hour long massage, tickets to play laser tag, a gift basket filled with delicious Peruvian chocolate, and two round-trip train tickets between Cusco to Machu Picchu. Needless to say, we were pretty proud and very grateful for the bounty we gathered. To accompany our raffle, we also held a Water Pong tourney (a Sacred Valley Brewery first!). We were a little nervous to see how post-university partygoers would react to this added activity, but were excited with the enthusiasm! From the pong tourney alone, we raised 200 soles!

To give the fundraiser a little bit of a GirlSportWorks flair, we brought some sports equipment, with which partygoers were very happy to play. Throughout the party, many people approached our information table to let us know how much they respected and supported our mission. Ultimately, we raised 936 nuevo soles (a little under $300) between the raffle, pong tourney, and sales! Although the purpose of a fundraiser is to raise money, most of all I was excited about the networking aspect of the fundraiser. Many people approached us wanting to know if they could get involved. The enthusiasm was so uplifting. GirlSportWorks is a relatively small organization, so having this platform to share our organization and mission was the biggest gift of all.


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