Sport-for-Development Curriculum Toolkit-Free Resource Now Available!

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We invite you to use and to share our curriculum toolkit, available for download here.
This toolkit pulls together the foundational aspects of our sport-for-development curriculum, designed for delivery to Peruvian girls aged 8 to 17 years old. The mission of our unique integrative approach is to empower girls through sports and the development of skills that lead to a healthy, active, and productive lifestyle. We introduce life skills during lessons specifically dedicated to their delivery, as well as strive to make connections to these skills during sports lessons.

We streamlined these components into a resource that we hope will be easy to use and navigate for any sport-for-development organization that is looking to learn from our program. The curriculum toolkit includes a concise synopsis of our educator training, sports curriculum, and life skills curriculum. The GSW curriculum strives to combine sports education with the development of valuable life skills. It includes eleven sports units such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee, as well as five major life skills units. The life skills we focus on are:

Leadership and Self-Confidence to be able to take stock of potential to motivate others, to seek opportunities, and to make sound decisions.

Teamwork to be able to empower other girls in a community and build self-confidence among peers.

Communications to be able to exchange ideas and thoughts that promote meaningful change in a community and among peers.

Healthy Living to make better decisions about food, activities, and the environment.

The goal of the curriculum toolkit is to share our educational philosophies, tools, and more than 15 years of experience in the field to help other educators and organizations use sport-for-development. We hope that this resource will be useful to you and your organization. Please let us know how you have implemented the toolkit to create meaningful change in your community!

– The GSW Team

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