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This past Thursday was American Thanksgiving.

While the holiday of Thanksgiving has problematic colonial origins and whitewashes the history of oppression of indigenous peoples in the US, it does provide a valuable reminder to stop and reflect on what we’re grateful for.

Adrie and I have a lot to be grateful for this year.

We are so very grateful to be part of GirlSportWorks. We’re grateful to have this amazing opportunity to live in Cusco and do meaningful work that inspires and motivates us. We’re grateful for our wonderful students and the fact we get to play, laugh and learn together with them every day. We’re grateful for the schools, families, and neighborhoods here in Cusco that welcome us in and allow us to become part of their community.

Thankful for this beautiful city and for my amazing co-project manager!

We’re grateful for our GirlSportWorks family and the guidance and support they provide. We’re grateful for the donors that make the work we do possible. We’re grateful for all the project managers who have come before us and gotten this program to where it is, and we’re grateful for the project managers that will come after us and be the future of GirlSportWorks.

We’re grateful for our families and friends back home and all the love and encouragement they send us even from thousands of miles away. We’re grateful for the new friends we’ve made here in Cusco, who we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with this year. We’re grateful for the lady that makes our lunches in the San Blas market, the bus drivers who get us safely to work, and the puppy that lives on our street and wears a ladybug costume.

Thanksgiving dinner in our apartment!

We’re very grateful that it’s only November and we still have more months of GirlSportWorks ahead of us to continue enjoying all of these wonderful things. And finally, we’re grateful for those of you who read this blog! Thank you for your support, and Happy Thanksgiving!

– Danielle

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  1. Roy

    As you say, the best aspect of Thanksgiving is taking a moment to reflect on all we have to be grateful for.

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