More Hope

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The machismo mindset Living in a culture where the machismo mindset is front and center every day is really difficult for me to adjust to. Here are several snapshots within … Read More

Cusco Month

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  Every June, thousands of tourists enter the beautiful historical center of Cusco, confused at the rainbow flags proudly resting in the hands of citizens young and old, above government … Read More

Thank You, Teachers.

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Consistency this past semester has been difficult. Among the school cancelations for the many holidays, rainy storms, and, most recently, teacher strikes, having a full week of classes has been … Read More

A Week in Cusco

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Head on a swivel, I entered the new-to-me colorful world of Cusco. Surrounded by mountain ranges, I traveled through alleyways, each with their own personal touch. A vine-covered wall, an … Read More


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A few weeks ago, we went to one of our favorite restaurants for a goodbye dinner sending away Lydia’s dad. We were all having a good time, speaking of the … Read More

I Did It, Profe!

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With a little over two months left, I want to share small, cute moments during class to commemorate our awesome students. For today’s cute moment I introduce you all to … Read More

Get a Move on, Profe!

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85 days away, but who’s counting? It’s surreal that we’re a mere 12 weeks away from landing on US soil after a year in this beautiful city. There is still … Read More

GirlSportWorks’ Five Life Skills

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We are trained in a curriculum that teaches five core life skills (leadership, self-confidence, teamwork, healthy habits, and communication) through sports. This makes our program unique and is the basis … Read More