M&E, Take Two

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The start of a new school year means that it’s time for baseline M&E testing! GirlSportWorks has a Monitoring and Evaluation process that we use to evaluate our impact and … Read More

Cusco: The Return

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There’s no denying it: the new school year is in full swing. Students have bought their school supplies, teachers have prepared their syllabi, and GirlSportWorks has launched another year of … Read More

Saltando la Soga

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Until recently, I found jump rope a frightening and unpleasant activity. My deftness as a dancer never translated to deftness a double-dutcher, or even as a single-dutcher. Imagine my displeasure … Read More


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This past Thursday was American Thanksgiving. While the holiday of Thanksgiving has problematic colonial origins and whitewashes the history of oppression of indigenous peoples in the US, it does provide … Read More