Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith, Co-Founder, Co-Director

Sarah Smith, along with Co-Founder Rebecca Rauth, founded GirlSportWorks in the fall of 2003. She serves as Co-Director and Co-Chairman of the Board, setting strategic vision and providing oversight to GSW’s program in Cusco.

Sarah has professional experience in non-profit and social enterprise management, emerging markets strategy, and international development. She has worked in the education, energy, and health sectors across South America, East and West Africa, South Asia, and South East Asia. She is passionate about using sports and business as avenues for making positive social impact. Read her full bio here.

Carrie Golden, Co-Director

Carrie serves as the Managing Co-Director for GirlSportWorks, managing, leading, and mentoring project manager teams on the ground in Cusco.

After serving as a Project Manager from 2005-06, Carrie received her joint J.D. and M.A. in International Development. She has worked in education, health, governance, and economic development sectors around the world. Recently, she started her own company, Golden Ethos, pursuing international and community development work. Read her full bio here.

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Kelly Jacobs, Communications Manager

With an eye for design and a passion for building compelling messages, Kelly supports all marketing and communication efforts for GSW.

After GSW, Kelly moved to the D.C. area where she helped build the first marketing department for a startup technology consulting firm. She continues to be an avid sports player, and enjoys soccer and long-distance running. She also serves as a Spanish-speaking intake volunteer for a legal-aid non-profit that serves low income DC-area residents. Read her full bio here.

Alika Keene and Lydia Burns, Current Project Managers


Hailing from the sunshiny beaches of Florida and the rolling waves of Boston, Alika and Lydia met in college while playing varsity soccer and rugby, respectively. Lydia loves yoga, vegetarian food and digital design, while Alika loathes anything that includes stretching, loves meat, and can only draw stick figures. Lydia received a joint concentration in Visual and Environmental Studies and Women, Gender and Sexuality, while Alika studied Psychology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. It’s a mystery that they get along as well as they do despite their differences, but Alika is the Ebony to Lydia’s Ivory.


For over four years they have maintained a solid friendship fueled by good music, good food, and lots of laughter. And, most importantly, they are both passionate about using sports as a tool for female empowerment and positive social impact and are inspired every day by the powerful women they have met in Cusco. If you, your organization or your company want to learn more or get involved, you can reach us at and ¡Nos Vemos!