Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith, Co-Founder

Sarah co-founded GirlSportWorks in 2003 with friend and Yale Track & Field teammate Becky Rauth. She is passionate about using sports and business to make positive social change around the world. Sarah has lived and worked in Latin America, East & West Africa, South Asia, and South East Asia, and South Asia, and loves street food and exploring cites by foot.


Currently Los Angeles; Born and raised in Philadelphia


BA & MBA from Yale University

What she loves most about Cusco

Group hugs from chicas dinamicas and long walks around the city.

Rebecca Rauth, Co-Founder

Rebecca co-founded GirlSportWorks with the goal to empower girls through athletics. In 2003, with co-founder and Yale Track & Field teammate Sarah Smith, she moved to Cusco, Peru to launch the program. Rebecca is passionate about female entrepreneurship and empowerment. She currently lives in San Francisco.


Los Angeles, CA


BA from Yale University

What she loves most about Cusco

Exploring the city by foot and experiencing all of smells, tastes and sites; there’s something to discover around every corner. I’ll also always remember the support the GSW program received from the community. We had one neighbor who would come out every day to cheer us on.

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