Our daily routine in Chicas Dinámicas entails giving a healthy snack, warming up, going through drills, scrimmaging, assessing our day as a group, and doing our barra, or team cheer, before we all part ways. Under this schedule, we get to coach our girls and watch them grow as members of a team and as athletes, but we rarely get to see inside their minds, their motivations, their drive.

Until Chica Spotlight.

Every week, we pick one student who has been timely, had good attendance, shown improvement and/or a strong effort, and, most importantly, been an incredible teammate to her peers. After class, we take an action shot of her playing the sport we are currently teaching and ask her some questions about Chicas Dinámicas, her future dreams, and her main source of inspiration.

By the end of each semester, we would like to have every girl featured, but we are sure to let them know that it is an honor to be chosen; not every girl gets the privilege of Chica Spotlight. Like many things in life, it must be earned, and we have seen significant improvement in attendance and behavior during the course of the semester. We plan to continue this next semester as well, so stay tuned for more awesome interviews and insights into our girls!


Alika and Lydia