A Day at the Pool

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Last week, we took 15 of the Santoni girls to the pool.  A group of concerned parents and excited girls awaited us at our usual practice field.  After greetings, reassurances and a head count, we piled into our chariot for the day – a big tourist van equipped with seatbelts, a luxury by any standard – and went on our way.

photo of girls in front of van

On Our Way!

We outfitted the girls in swimsuits GSW has accumulated over the years for this type of trip and after some quick adjustments, jumped right in!  Though soon obvious that none of the girls knew how to swim, their enthusiasm sent them off and splashing.  They loved our attempts to teach floating and kicking, starting first along the wall and then practicing with kickboards across the pool.

girls in the pool

Splashes and Smiles

Before long, many had crossed over to the bigger section of the learning pool.  A determined few made it from our arms to the side with frenzied paddling, thrilled with their successful swimming.  Our time in the pool passed quickly and playfully.  We rounded out the day with long, hot showers that the girls relished and a snack of orange slices and animal crackers.  Piling back into the van, all seemed satisfied with the outing!

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