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We recently added a second day of class at Colegio Los Nogales, one of our original schools.  The director, Uriel, is extremely supportive of the program and believes so strongly in GirlSportWork’s mission that he lets the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls leave class early on Friday to play.  He believes the early start time will enable more girls to participate, which is our hope as well.

Girls playing soccer

Soccer at Los Nogales

The result is happy chaos.  Streams of girls race out of class upon our arrival, each vying for the “best” ball.  Outfitted in their yellow school uniforms, they self-organize into games of volleyball, regardless of the day’s sport.  Before long we manage to get the girls organized and ready to warm-up and then, the school bell rings!  Hoards of students then descend upon the court, and for a short time we have an influx of boys and girls of all ages playing together.

girls eating snack

Snack time

Once parents have picked up their children and things settle down, we gather the remaining girls for a healthy snack and water before continuing in earnest.  The Friday class boosts our already robust numbers and gives the program good exposure.  Seeing the girls twice a week allows us to build on skills learned during Monday’s class and get to know more students.  The crazy Fridays balance well with our lengthier Monday classes.  Working with the Los Nogales girls is a wonderful way to start and end our week!

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