We are thankful for…

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In addition to our sports classes, Jamie and I teach English twice a week at Colegio Los Nogales on Mondays and at Colegio Pacca on Thursdays. To celebrate Thanksgiving an the holiday season we taught the vocabulary for the most important aspects of Thanksgiving – food and giving thanks. The students learned the expression: “I am thankful for…” and then we put together a list of words in Spanish and English. So many good things!

white board with writing

English and Spanish list of things for which we’re thankful

Then, students were put in small groups, given colored markers and shown how to draw a turkey with their hands. This was no ordinary hand-turkey; each of the fingers, or feathers, was to be labeled with a word in English, something for which the student is thankful.

girls display their poster

Pacca girls show off their poster

Once finished with their posters the students proudly stood in front of their classmates and showed off their artwork and shared their gratitude – all in English!

students show poster

Los Nogales students present their poster.

The lesson was a big hit and now the posters are hanging on the walls of the classrooms.

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