Back to School 2011

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After a rainy two and a half month summer vacation, the sun is out, our students have returned to school, and GirlSportWorks is back in session! This semester we’re excited to welcome a new program manager, Briana Spence. Learn more about her background on our website.

Program managers Briana and Margie above Cusco, Peru

We had a successful first class at Pacca last Thursday with 38 students. The girls learned the basic throwing, catching and hitting skills for a sport many had never heard of – baseball! We introduced this same sport to the girls at Los Nogales and Santoni last Friday and they practiced the skills in games during Monday and Tuesday classes. There has been a great turnout of over 30 students at each school thanks to a promotional letter we handed out the week before.

parent information flyer

We’re excited to be back in action and look forward to keeping you in the loop as the semester progresses. In addition to the blog you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and see our photos on Flickr.

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