“La Lava”

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Last week was our first full week of scheduled classes at our four schools and are back in the swing of things! For most of the week we continued with baseball as the students fine-tuned their skills and played scrimmages together. A highlight for all the groups was a popular team building game played at the end of each class called “la lava”.

Teams of 5-6 students must get the entire team from one side of the court to the other using 3 pinnies (uniforms) and a stationary island in the middle. They are crossing “hot lava” so if they touch the court with any part of their body, even a finger, they must return to the starting line. It’s not an easy task! The girls learn good communication, patience, persistence, and of course good balance.

Mantay girls play "la lava" as the neighbors watch on.

Mantay girls play “la lava” as the neighbors watch on.

At Mantay, the safe-home for young mothers and mothers-to-be, the girls were especially enthusiastic about the challenge. They even begged for an extra 15 minutes of time to accomplish the task at hand and made more difficult restrictions for themselves in crossing the lava using less uniforms. As the neighborhood looked on, they embodied qualities of a “chica dinámica” including leadership, good communication, and self-esteem.

Next up: soccer!

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