Leap Frog Soccer and Club Leer/Book Club

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We had a great week playing soccer. To practice dribbling the girls competed in Leap Frog Soccer. In each team of five girls each girl must jump over each of her teammates and then zig zag through them and return the ball. The result was great ball control practice and lots of giggles.

girls play leap frog on court and dribble soccer ball around players

Friday was first day of Club Leer, or Book Club! Every Friday, girls at the Santoni school who’ve attended at least three of our sports classes may choose one children’s book in Spanish to take home and read over the next week. The next Friday each girl is to return with the book and read out loud some type of reflection on it: she may provide a summary, describe her favorite character, select new words and look them up in a dictionary, or even draw a picture. Club Leer supports the girls’ curiosity, learning, and self-confidence when sharing with the group.

students read books

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