Pacca goes hiking

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Helping each other on the trail.

Helping each other on the trail

We deviated from our normal team sports class at Pacca to take a hike. The landscape in this rural area about 45 minutes from Cusco is so beautiful, especially after the rainy season when the fields and hills stand out with a brilliant green.

Beautiful waterfall

The head of the trail is quite a distance from the school but instead of taking public transportation we all ran down the road and path leading to the mountain. These girls are fit! The mountain trail is less for hikers than for local farmers and animal herders so it was narrow, steep and difficult to climb at certain points but we all worked together as team and helped each another climb. And what a reward! We ended the hike at a beautiful waterfall and natural pool overlooking the valley. The girls loved the excursion into nature, especially the chance to take a dip!

Cooling off in the falls.

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