Field Trips to Sacsayhuamán Inca Ruins

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students pose at ruins

Santoni students pose at the end of the Sacsayhuamán tour.

The GSW program managers took two cultural field trips the Sacsayhuamán ruins above the city of Cusco. The Colegio Los Nogales students went on Monday and the Colegio Luis Vallejo Santoni students on Tuesday. For many of the girls, this was their first time visiting this important Inca site so we hired a guide to give the tour. He explained the site’s role as a fortress in Inca times and also pointed out the unique architectural design that has protected the structure against earthquakes.

Melanie enjoys the natural rock slides at Sacsayhuamán.

By far the most popular part of the trip was the rock slides. These are natural rock formations that over time have become slick with repeated use by visitors. Once we finished the tour we snacked and the girls had free time to kick the soccer balls, bump the volleyballs, and toss the frisbees. What a fun outing! See more Sacsayhuamán trip photos on our Flickr page.

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