Strengthening bodies and minds through yoga

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Pacca students practice tree pose in yoga class.

Pacca students practice tree pose in yoga class.

Last week we diverged from the regular team sports classes at Casa Mantay, a safe home for teen mothers, and Colegio Pacca, a rural girls boarding school, to learn yoga under the guidance of a professional instructor from a well-respected studio called Cusco Yoga Inbound. Each girl learned basic movements to strengthen and stretch her muscles and improve balance in both her body and mind. We’ve struggled to engage the Mantay mothers through traditional team sports and so this change of activity was definitely a positive one.  This was the first time the girls at Pacca had heard of yoga and they are excited to practice their favorite positions during their free time. This new way of exercising and understanding ourselves was good for all involved!

students do forward lunge yoga pose

Mantay students learn to lunge forward in yoga class.

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