¡Feliz Día de Los Padres!

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Father’s Day is celebrated here in Cusco today, just like in the U.S. When we arrived to our Friday class at Los Nogales, the girls were practicing for a performance that evening in honor of Father’s Day. They begged us to return to see their performance, and we happily obliged. Cusqueños have a heritage particularly rich in song and dance, and it’s always fun to see the students dressed in traditional costume, embracing their culture. Given front and center seats, we watched each class pay tribute to their fathers through dance.

Peruvians dancing

Traditional dancing in honor of Father’s Day

Seated next to us was the father of one of our students, Sonia. His story highlighted the weight of the work we do. Called Tomás, he lives in the remote community Quillabamba. Sonia lives with her godmother here in Cusco so she may attend school. Tomás shared that Sonia often calls and excitedly regales him with stories of sports class and special GSW trips. He seemed so grateful that Sonia has the chance to participate in both our sports and English classes, indicating that this exposure affords her greater opportunities than he or his Quechua speaking wife could otherwise provide. It was rewarding to meet many parents and to see our students interact with their families in such a special manner.

father's day poster in spanish

Happy Father’s Day!

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