Fireworks and American Football

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two women look up at fireworks in the sky

Program Managers Margie and Jamie enjoy the Cusco fireworks show.

Though the 4th of July came and went here in Cusco without much ado, we were treated to a fireworks display a few days later in honor of the 100th anniversary of the rediscovery of Machu Picchu by Yale historian and explorer Hiram Bingham. The girls enjoyed a school holiday on Friday and the city in general was abuzz with celebration.

Paola readys herself to receive the touchdown pass.

Independence Day coincided with the teaching of American football, a sport the girls wouldn’t otherwise learn to play. At first they fumbled the ball left and right. However, our students are quick learners! Once used to the odd shaped ball, the girls clamored to play in earnest. An entertaining touch football game ensued, complete with an intercepted pass for a touch down.

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