Los Diarios Dinámicos: Healthy Living Journals

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student draws in her journal

Nohemi fills in the first page of her Healthy Living Journal.

An important part of the GSW mission is to promote healthy living among our students. Healthy living encompasses eating well, exercising, and personal care, among other objectives. In line with this objective and with our name in Spanish – Chicas Dinámicas – we introduced Los Diarios Dinámicos. These are personalized journals in which each girl will record her attendance, mark if she brought a healthy snack and drink, write her goals, and track her progress in reaching her goals.

white page with sport ball icons

Students will color in an icon for every day they attend class

Additionally we will incorporate weekly “take home” articles relating to personal care, fostering positive relationships, healthy eating tips, and athletic skills that the girls can practice and share at home. Along with the journals every student received a reusable plastic bottle, which she decorated with her name using markers and puffy paint. We’ll keep you posted on the success of this initiative!

Cindi shows off her newly decorated water bottle

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