Last Day with Pacca’s Older Students

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girls stand in a circle and do the yoga chair pose

Program Manager Margie and her mom lead stretching with Pacca’s 4th and 5th graders.

In just a few weeks, Jamie and Margie will hand over the reigns to the new program managers. We’re in the midst of Peru’s winter vacation so class sizes have been small and we’ve already said goodbye to Pacca’s 4th and 5th grade students, the older of the two groups we teach there. For their final class we played their favorite sport, volley, and also took advantage of Margie’s parents visiting to learn some zumba routines (a form of exercise focused on Latin music and dances) and American swing dancing.

peruvian girls practice swing dancing

Pacca students practice swing dancing with help of Margie and her dad.

We brought a cake to commemorate the last class and while we ate, representatives from each class shared beautiful words of gratitude for the positive impact GSW classes have had on their lives. Each class also sang songs both in Quechua and Spanish related to friendship, love, farewells, and good wishes. They finished by taking each of us by the hand (parents included) and leading us in Huayno dancing. So while it was a bittersweet moment in our time here in Peru, it was definitely one of celebration for all that we’ve shared with this unique group of young women.

view from above of peruvian girls learning to dance zumba

Margie’s mom leads a zumba dance session.

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