What does it mean to be a Chica Dinámica?

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Hello from Liya and Megan! We arrived in Cusco earlier this month and have officially taken over as the Project Managers of GirlSportWorks. Thanks to Jamie and Margie, the transition for us has been very smooth.  We both participated in college-level athletics (Liya—cross-country and track; Megan—field hockey) and are excited to infuse the program with our own passions and talents! Check out our bios at: http://www.girlsportworks.org/our_team/.

As new project managers, we decided to take advantage of the transition and start off the year by re-introducing the program at the two elementary schools we work in.  We particularly enjoyed our visit to Colegio Santoni, since we do not hold sports classes at the school but at a public court. Since re-introducing the program at Santoni, we have had between 30 and 40 girls turn out to each class, including many new students.

In Peru, our program is called Chicas Dinámicas, so to start off our time here we decided it would be great to talk to the girls about what it means to be a Chica Dinámica.  Apart from the discussion, we created “contracts” for the girls that addressed each of our goals: Leadership, Teamwork, Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Healthy Living. Each student was given the opportunity to color their own contract and add their own ideas about what it means to be a Chica Dinámica. Afterwards, we each signed a class copy of the contract as a way of saying that we are all in agreement.

This is an image of the contract we made with the girls

One of the contracts we made with our students

At Casa Mantay, where our girls are older, we discussed goal-setting and allowed the girls to create their own contract. They responded very well and we could not believe the silence while they wrote and colored their contracts.

This is a picture of Megan with one of our students

One of our Casa Mantay girls proudly displays her contract

This past week, we introduced baseball. All of our schools have enjoyed learning baseball, especially since it is a virtually unknown sport in Peru. We had a very successful game with our high-school aged students at Pacca and our girls at Casa Mantay loved tossing the ball to each other, especially at long distances.

A girl at bat

Playing baseball at Pacca

Overall, sports classes have been going great and we are having so much fun getting to know the girls. We have also really enjoyed our English classes at Los Nogales and Pacca; the classes have been a great opportunity to get to know our students.  We’re excited to be here and look forward to sharing our upcoming adventures!

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