¡Feliz Aniversario Santoni!

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Photo Board: Felliz XVIII Aniversario

Happy Anniversary Santoni!

School anniversaries are very important here in Cusco; so far we have attended an anniversary celebration at each of the schools where we work. While most schools have had celebrations for a day or two, Colegio Luis Vallejos Santoni planned special activities throughout the whole month of September. One of the main events was a weekly, inter-school teacher volleyball tournament. We thought it would be a great idea to bring the girls from Santoni to watch their profes, or teachers, compete. The profes play at a very high level, especially considering they have no professional training. The teams are also comprised solely of women, serving as a wonderful example of female athleticism for our young girls here.

Two girls with their new water bottles

Fanny and Evelin enjoying juice and PB sandwhiches

The girls arrived eager to watch their profes and also play volleyball amongst themselves. We also used the gathering as an opportunity to pass out water bottles to them. Hopefully they can start using their bottles to stay hydrated in our sports classes! The girls spent time decorating their bottles and eating the snacks we provided as they watched the teachers play.

3 girls with their new water bottles

Anny Liset, Yarelin, and Claudia showing off their new water bottles

While we were watching, Colegio Santoni teachers asked GSW Profes Megan, Liya, and former Profe Margie to join a team and play in the tournament. Competing against the teachers was a little intimidating at first, but the girls cheered us on the whole time. By the end of the tournament, the school let the girls take the court and play a game of their own!

two best friends

Best friends: Estrella and Lucy

Attending the volleyball tournament was an enjoyable way to spend our Saturday morning with the girls. They had the chance to watch experienced players compete in a sport that we are currently teaching in class. Additionally, the girls got to show some of their school spirit by cheering on their teachers and school!

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