Halloween at Mantay

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Picture of Halloween decorations

The decorations really set the mood for the party

This Sunday we had the pleasure of attending Casa Mantay’s Halloween and October Birthday Celebration. Casa Mantay is a safe-home for young mothers and pregnant teens; we teach sports to these exceptional young women once a week. We were invited to dress up for Halloween with the volunteers that work at Casa Mantay. Together we were the “Super Voluntarias” or Super Volunteers; we really enjoyed getting dressed up and all the girls seemed to get a kick out of our silly costumes!

Liya and Megan posing in their super hero costumes

Liya and Megan striking a super-pose!

The party started off with a Magic Show for the kids, which had everyone laughing, including the moms and adults in attendance. After the magic show, Raquel, the Director of the house, MC´d a fashion show of costumes. Each mother walked down the red carpet with her baby modeling their costumes for the audience. Popular costumes were fairies and princesses for girls and Zoro for boys. Our favorite costumes were those of Nerida, our newest student and a fierce athlete, who dressed as a Spring Fairy and Angel, the son of our student Nelida, who dressed as a Rocker, complete with spiked hair!

One of our young mothers dressed at a Gypsy with her baby dressed as a lady bug

The gypsy and the lady bug: Yovana and Alexis

one our students dressed as a spring fairy

New student Nerida at her first costume party!

Afterwards, we all enjoyed delicious hand-made pasteries. Eli, one of our oldest students, taught the other girls how to make the pastries. Eli will soon graduate from the program and currently works at a bakery in the afternoons, which means she is unable to attend our sports class. We sincrely miss her sweet smile and strong presence with the other girls.

A picture of the birthday cakes and home-made pastries

Everyone enjoyed the home-made pastries

Thank you, Mantay, for such a fun Sunday evening!

A volunteer dancing with a little girl

Volunteer Lisa dances with this beautiful princess

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