Los Nogales’ New Pen Pals

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Former GSW Program Manager Briana Spence began teaching Spanish this fall to a class of 7th grade students in Woburn, Massachusetts. Here in Cusco, we teach English in two schools, one being Colegio Los Nogales. Briana’s Spanish class provided us with the perfect opportunity to do an international pen pal exchange!
We received a package of letters from Briana´s students last week. Many of them came adorned with drawings and photos for their Cusqueño pen pals. A few letters were even posted on colorful construction paper. The letters from Briana´s students were written mostly in Spanish with a portion in English. Our students enjoyed learning new words and phrases from the English in the letters.

A group of our sixth graders holding up their letters

Our Los Nogales students replied with a letter in English, getting the chance to practice vocabulary they have learned thus far. They wrote basic information such as their age, their number of siblings and where they are from. They also included facts such as their favorite food, sport, color and animal. At the bottom of their letters was free space to ask questions in Spanish and further describe themselves.

Johana proudly displaying her letter for Hailey in Woburn

All of the students, both boys and girls, especially love coloring and using stickers. They spent just as much time meticulously decorating their letters as they did writing them! Some students even attached small bracelets or trinkets for their pen pal.

Luz Dalia’s well-adorned letter for Emily in Woburn

Our students are definitely looking forward to continuing this pen pal exchange throughout the next school year!

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