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GirlSportWorks is back in action, ready for the new Peruvian school year that began one week ago. We are feeling well-rested after our summer break and excited for the second half of our time in Cusco! We were welcomed by a city transformed by the rainy season, so green that we hardly recognized it. Our first few days were spent settling back into life here and taking in the beauty of this majestic city.

picture of cusco

A view of the rolling hills surrounding Cusco

This past week, classes started again in full swing! We were so happy to see many of our returning students as well as many eager, new students that have decided to join our program. We decided to start the year off with soccer. While our girls are very familiar the sport, the majority lack ball control skills. Therefore, we spent most of the week teaching our students how to control the ball in order to maintain possession. Liya also started teaching our students how to juggle, which was a huge hit! We were very impressed by how quickly our students went from not being able to juggle at all to being able to make 2-3 touches in one class!

Playing Soccer at Los Nogales

Playing Soccer at Los Nogales

This school year has gotten off to a wonderful start. We are looking forward to the many exciting projects and ideas that GSW has in store for these upcoming months, and we can´t wait to share those developments with you as they come!

girls stretching

Leading stretches at Los Nogales Elementary School

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