Sneakers for Mantay

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As athletes know, proper gear is essential for playing sports. We suggest that our students come dressed in appropriate gear, and the majority of our students come to class in athletic clothes that they can easily move around in. However, few of our girls own proper footwear; some even come to class in sandals or heels.

At Casa Mantay our students are 14 to 17 years old and they participate in our classes very intensely. In the past, most of these girls came to class in inappropriate footwear which became a safety concern considering the level of intensity at which they play. Therefore, we decided to start off the year by buying each of the teenage mothers a pair of new athletic sneakers!

Yaneth and Ana trying on their new shoes

We purchased 12 pairs of brand-new sneakers from a local shop, all with good traction and sturdy support. The girls received their sneakers this past month and were extremely excited and grateful for their new footwear. They have been wearing their shoes to every sports class since, ready to play upon our arrival!

Meg and Liya with all of the girls sporting their new sneakers!

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