Introducing “Floor Hockey”!

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Last month, we introduced a brand new sport to the GirlSportWorks curriculum: Floor Hockey! Floor Hockey is similar to Ice Hockey but  played on a basketball court in tennis shoes, and with a ball instead of a puck. This sport was entirely new to our students and we really enjoyed introducing the new sport to them!

girls watching the teacher explain how to play hockey

Introducing floor hockey at Los Nogales

We began with teaching how to hold the stick properly and quickly moved into basic stick skills, dribbling, and passing, all the while emphasizing safe play. Unfamiliar with holding and moving the ball with a stick, some of our student struggled with this awkward new skill while others appeared to be naturals. We noticed some neighborhood boys congregating around the court — they had never played the sport either! They were impressed to see their female classmates picking up an entirely new skill so quickly.

How to hold the stick

When we moved into game play, everyone played with enthusiasm! When we finished up class, many of our students exclaimed: “¡Que bonito juego!” (What a beautiful game!) and begged to play Floor Hockey again during the next class. We were delighted to challenge our students with new skills and provide them with this opportunity for confidence building.

Nerida, from Casa Mantay, practices floor hockey

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