A day at the Park!

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Recently, we took our two elementary school groups to a local park, Parque Urpicha. Parque Urpicha offers excitement for children of all ages, and particularly our students, who are between the ages of 9 and 12. Our students were looking forward to the trip all week and for some, despitethe park’s proximity to their schools, it was their first time visiting Parque Urpicha!

girls having snack at the park

Our students from Santoni enjoy a healthy snack


Parque Urpicha is known for its numerous swings and see-saws, exceptionally tall slides and a plethora of other playground games. The park stands out amongst other parks in Cusco because of its multi-colored design–every piece of equipment is painted in bright, attractive rainbow colors in a way that appeals to children and pops out from the otherwise naturally-colored landscape of Cusco. Anyone who has visited Cusco has seen the park on the drive into town from the airport!

girl in airplane

Ester enjoys a ride in the airplane

girl comes screaming down slide

Luz Marioly comes screaming down the slide

One of the highlights of the trip was racing down the slides, or toboganes, with the students. Many of the slides have more than one aisle to glide down on, making them perfect for competition. The girls loved challenging the profes to races of who could arrive at the bottom of the slide first. One of our younger students Ana would grasp us by the thumb and race up the to the slide pulling us behind! For the races, we’d climb up to the tallest slide of all, drawing a crowd of students to watch the take-off and gathering another group to judge the landing. Our students beat us every time! While we made the excuse that the slides were too narrow for adults, the students always chalked their wins up to their natural sliding-skills, perfected over time with plenty of practice.  Win or lose, we loved sliding with our students and look forward to visiting Parque Urpicha again soon!


Profe Megan strikes a pose with our Santoni girls

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