A Trip to Parque Urpicha

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Laura and Mary Luz at the top of the tallest slide in Parque Urpicha.

This past Friday we decided to take a day off from sports class to enjoy a wonderful afternoon at Parque Urpicha with our Santoni girls, ages 9-12. While transporting any large group across a big city is a seemingly daunting task, the field trip to Parque Urpicha was nothing but a success and allowed us to spend quality time with our students outside the typical GSW environment. After word had spread at Santoni school of the GSW field trip, it was great to see new girls come to meet our group at the park to join in on the fun.

Being new to Cusco, we had only heard of Parque Urpicha through recommendations from previous Project Managers. Without having roadside advertisements or an internet website to satisfy our curiosity of what exactly Parque Urpicha entailed, we were delightfully surprised upon arrival by the towering, colorful slides that give a clear view of the whole city. For us as well as our students, the sight was simply thrilling.

After snacking on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches—an international classic—it was off to the slides! With slides of all shapes and sizes, girls were able to be as daring as they liked, and everyone had fun taking turns racing to reach the bottom.

Angie, one of our newest students, racing to the bottom. These slides are full of twists and turns.

Each student in the GSW group was so eager to spend time with both of us, leading us to each and every attraction. In fact, there was not a single minute where we were not completely surrounded by a group of 10-12 girls escorting us to each slide, describing the best strategy to race to the bottom, or explaining why the particular slide was her favorite. For the girls the value in this field trip was less about where they were and more about who they were with.

GSW students excited to lead Kristin around the park.

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