First Field Trip With Virgen del Rosario!

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Our time in Cusco seems to be flying by as we are already starting to plan our end of the year parties with our students. One of the highlights of this year has been starting the GirlSportWorks program in a new school, Virgen del Rosario, and we were fortunate enough to have the time to take these girls on their first class field trip this past week.

Ayde and Roxana, in 4th grade, are enjoying their first time at Parque Urpicha.

Ayde and Roxana, in 4th grade, are enjoying their first day at Parque Urpicha!

On Wednesday, we planned an afternoon escape to one of our favorite spots in Cusco, Parque Urpicha. Parque Urpicha is a large park located in central Cusco and is filled with tall, twisting slides and other attractions that are fun for all ages.

On arriving to school grounds, we knew it would be a fun filled day as almost every single one of our students remembered to bring in their signed permission slips in order to attend. The girls were filled with excitement and the surrounding community members were captivated as they watched us organize our large group of girls for our ride to the park.

Here are some of our 5th grade students taking a break from the slides to hang out on the swings.

Virgen del Rosario is a small school located in a very impoverished and somewhat isolated area of Cusco. For this reason, we were excited to share, what was for many of our students, their first visit to Parque Urpicha. Upon arrival, the girls challenged us to races down the slides and led us through the park´s dark cave tunnel giving us a great opportunity to create wonderful memories outside of sports class. Ultimately, this field trip was so important because it allowed us to solidify the relationships we have been building with these new girls over these short weeks so that we can continue growing and building our new program in the months to follow their school vacation.

The girls had so much fun racing down the slides and love posing for photos!

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