Celebrating 2012, Looking forward to 2013!

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This past week GirlSportWorks officially finished off another school year with a grand end of the year combined party with students from Los Nogales and Santoni participating in different relay races. To allow the girls to interact with their peers from different schools and to create a bigger competition, we brought Santoni girls to the Los Nogales court where some parents and teachers from both schools gathered to spectate.  The girls were especially excited for this event because former Project Manager Megan Connolly (2011-2012) made a return visit on this day to see the girls and cheer them on. In all, the day brought great joy and sense of GSW camaraderie to students, Project Managers, and community members alike.

Los Nogales girls pose with former GSW Project Manager Megan Connolly aka “Profe Margarita”

First, we asked all the girls to get into pairs, and it was great to witness some girls from one school seek partners from girls in the other. In fact, Yudith from Santoni and Ester from Los Nogales, proved to be one of the most competitive teams of the day winning several relay rounds.

New friends, Yudith and Ester, after winning the 3-legged race

Next, it was off to the races! The day´s events included the three legged race, water balloon toss, and a new favorite that consisted of a team carrying a ball to the end of the court and back without using their hands…even if the ball falls. Apart from being wildly entertaining, these games allowed the girls to demonstrate some of the skills which we had been working on all year such as strategy, communication, and team work.

Our final Chicas Dinamicas “Barra” (Cheer) of 2012!

While this final gathering marks GSW´s two month hiatus during the school year´s summer vacation, it gave us moment to reflect on some of GSW´s wonderful accomplishments, such as the sports exchange with Goals for Girls and the expansion into a new school, Virgen del Rosario, that made this school year such a success.  Furthermore, we are excited to rejuvenate and focus on how we can improve on delivering our mission to empower young women through athletics.

See you in the New Year!

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