Launch of the GSW Leadership Development Program!

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We are very happy to announce the launch of the GirlSportWorks Leadership Development Program! Sarah and Paula are two former GSW students who have been selected to be the first participants in this new program. These young women graduated from Los Nogales and are continuing on to secondary school, which is the US equivalent of high school, and they are very excited to stay on with the Chicas Dinámicas team.

Sarah and Paula graduate from primary school at Los Nogales and sign their contracts to join the Leadership Development Program!

The Leadership Development Program has been created and designed to offer one-on-one leadership training and professional experience to former students of the GSW sports program. Sarah and Paula went through an application process during which they had to demonstrate and articulate their capability to be leaders and explain their desire to continue as members of GSW.  During this process each girl participated in her very first interview. When they entered the room to answer the questions with GSW’s Project Manager they were timid and unaware of what an interview actually is. However, they embraced the challenge in a true show of their commitment to Chicas Dinámicas and love for sports.

As participants of the Leadership Development Program they have been given the title of “Teacher Assistant” and serve as assistants during Los Nogales sports class on Mondays. During their first month, Sarah and Paula have done an incredible job within their roles—taking attendance, setting up cones for exercises, explaining sports drills, and mentoring younger girls in sports and GSW values—proving themselves to be invaluable assets to the Project Managers. In fact, many of the younger students have expressed their excitement for the return of Sarah and Paula as class leaders affirming our selection of these two young women and creating a closer link between student and teacher.

Sarah and Paula award the “Coneja Colaboradora” to the girl who collaborated with her teammates the most and the “Peluchin” to the girl who accelerated the most in the sports exercises of the day.

In addition to their sports class roles, these girls will partake in leadership projects and workshops to develop their skills as teachers, mentors, and administrators. Their first project takes place next weekend as they will be helping GSW PM’s organize and lead a rock climbing field trip in partnership with the program “Escalando Esperanzas” (Raising Hopes) for the Los Nogales students.

The responsibility and commitment that Sarah and Paula have demonstrated so far really shows the meaning and place that GirlSportWorks has in their lives. We are excited to move forward with them and to continue to build this new program in the coming years.

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