Rock Climbing With Los Nogales!

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This week we had the opportunity to take the girls of Los Nogales on their first field trip of the semester. Thanks to the amazing crew at Andexplorer, we were able to introduce 25 girls to the new sport of rock climbing, and a fantastic time was had by all!

The whole group at the bottom of the rock wall.

When we told the girls last week that we would be taking them rock climbing, most of them had no idea what the day would entail. Upon arriving at the rock and seeing the harnesses, ropes, and helmets they would be wearing, their questions were replaced pretty universally by fear. The girls were understandably intimidated by and scared of the task ahead of them, a few of them saying that they didn’t want to climb, and that they wouldn’t be able to do it.

Kelly, one of our fourth graders from Los Nogales, getting strapped into her harness by our awesome volunteers from Andexplorer!

Four hours later, they had proved themselves wrong! All of the girls had the opportunity to climb two separate routes up the rock, and it was amazing to watch them transition from being terrified of what they were being asked to do, to making their way to the top of the rock, and begging for more chances to climb. After making their way down, the girls cheered on their classmates, shouting out suggestions to help the girls that were climbing find their way to the top.

Carla works her way up the wall!

Overall, our rock climbing trip with Los Nogales was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The chance to watch the girls be presented with a new challenge, and employ the confidence necessary to tackle it was inspiring. We can’t wait to take another school rock climbing with Andexplorer!

We were so lucky to have Director Uriel join us for our field trip! The girls were very excited to see him get his chance to climb.

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