Interview with Yesenia and Ayda!

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We are especially appreciative of our “veterans,” the girls who return year after year to participate in our sports program without missing a single class. Yesenia, a fifth grader, is one of our veterans from Los Nogales, and has recently introduced her younger sister, Ayda, to Chicas Dinamicas. Their enthusiasm for sports and being part of team on and off the court is unmistakable. In order to recognize these girls, we decided to take an opportunity to interview Yesenia and Ayda and introduce them to the GSW community. Please enjoy!

Interviewing two sisters, Ayda and Yesenia, from Los Nogales after sports class.

How old are you?

Ayda: 9 years old

Yesenia: 10 years old

How many years have you been coming to Chicas Dinamicas classes?

Ayda: This is my first year

Yesenia: 2 years


What is your favorite sport?

Ayda: I love football (soccer)

Yesenia: The sport with the long stick and the hook at the end.


Yesenia: Yes! Hockey!

What has been your favorite field trip?

Ayda: Rock climbing

Yesenia: Definitely, the rock climbing trip

What are some things you have learned from Chicas Dinamicas this year?

Ayda: I have learned more English and new sports.

Yesenia: This year I learned how to use a baseball bat and I have improved in soccer.

Having a fun time warming up for sports class at Los Nogales!

There are certain values we try to focus on in our classes. For you, what are the most important ones?

Ayda: I think it is important to support your teammates and help girls who are new to class learn the drills and sports.

Yesenia: I think it’s important to be a leader and be open to learning new sports.

Why do you like coming to Chicas Dinamicas classes?

Ayda: I have a lot of fun learning new sports and new English words.

Yesenia: I think it’s important to be healthy and learn new sports. Also, I like Chicas Dinamicas because during class I feel free.

Are you going to continue attending Chicas Dinamicas classes?

Yesenia and Ayda: YES!

Yesenia hanging out with some chicas dinamicas after school was dismissed.

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