Catching Up With the Leadership Development Program

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We are very excited to let the GSW community know about a new and very excited program we have launched. Two of our former Chicas Dinámicas from Los Nogales have stayed on with the program in the capacity of Teacher’s Assistants as members of GSW’s new Leadership Development Program. Paula and Sarah, aged 12, have been attending and helping lead weekly sports classes and participating in various workshops throughout the past several months as the school year has gotten underway. Sarah has continued working with her alma mater, Los Nogales, while Paula has been accompanying us to Casa Mantay. This week, we caught up with them about their experiences so far with the Leadership Development Program and how Chicas Dinámicas has impacted them.

Paula and Sarah helped us lead our rock climbing field trip that we took with Los Nogales a few weeks ago

1. What does Chicas Dinámicas mean to you?

Paula: For me, Chicas Dinámicas means: fun, interesting, and dynamic. It is a sports club that teaches us to be fit and to not sit around doing nothing, but instead to train and to be responsible. The coaches talk to us about not fighting with our classmates and that in sports there are no enemies, but that we are all friends.

Sarah: For me, Chicas Dinámicas is interesting because I get to help my teachers. Also, it is important for me and fun because being with the Chicas Dinámicas makes me feel very good about myself. I have a lot of fun because I always wanted to participate in Chicas Dinámicas. Sometimes, I feel very nervous.

2. What do you do in your position as Teacher’s Assistant?

Paula: I play with the girls of Casa Mantay. It is fun to exercise with them and educational for me because it teaches me what it means to play and about different norms.

Sarah: I help the students, and the students are like my friends. I help to explain the drills and I help to instruct the students.

Sarah takes attendance at Los Nogales as Nancy and Aida color in their attendance sheets

3. How is your role now different from when you were a student?

Paula: When I was a student I liked Chicas Dinámicas a lot because I felt happy when I was playing against others or helping them to be a good student. But now I like being a teacher more because now I know how to teach students.

Sarah: It was very different when I was a student. When I was a student, I attended classes and I didn’t know any English. But, my teachers taught me English, and after that we would have sports classes.

Paula cheers on the Los Nogales girls on our rock climbing field trip!

4. How is your experience working with older girls in Casa Mantay?

Paula: I like my experience working with older, new girls in sports because playing with them shows my abilities that I learned in Chicas Dinámicas or with my teachers. By doing this I can teach them and they can learn from me.

5. How is your experience working with your former classmates at Los Nogales?

Sarah: My experience in Los Nogales with my former classmates can sometimes be frustrating when they don’t pay attention in class and when they behave poorly in the classes. Sometimes they complain to the teachers and I have to tell them to pay attention.

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