Learning Lacrosse!

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GirlSportWorks is excited to announce the addition of a new sport to its curriculum, Lacrosse. Over recent years, Lacrosse has been growing in popularity in the United States; however, it is virtually unknown in Latin America.

Excited to start a new sport with our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders at Pacca

To roll out this new unit, we held our first Lacrosse class with our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders at our rural school, Pacca.  On first seeing the peculiar-looking lacrosse sticks and balls, these girls became excited and eager to jump in to the new game. First, we delivered an important lecture on safety and provided a technical explanation on the form of passing. It was great to see the girls so attentive and keen to ask questions. Then, we had the girls split into groups of twos and threes to practice passing and receiving. The first minutes were challenging girls as the girls had to adapt to the new physical coordination and movements required by this unique sport, but by the end of the class the entire group was showing rapid improvement. By overcoming these challenges, the girls displayed a new sense of self-confidence as they enthusiastically took turns to show us the progress they had made.

Barbara and Magdaly showing us their passing form

We are very thankful to Kristen Hinckley, a graduating senior from high school this year, who provided us with a high level training in the rules of this new sport as well as fun drills and activities that incorporate GSW values to add to our official curriculum. This project not only benefits our sports program and its beneficiaries, but is also an example of the universal language of sport crossing cultural boundaries. Overall, the addition of Lacrosse to the GSW Curriculum offers a variety of new challenges for our students. It not only is an opportunity to exercise completely new techniques, but the game of Lacrosse also provides a new environment that requires every player to multitask, think strategically, and communicate with their teammates.

The girls began to show a lot of improvement in their passing and recieving as the class continued. They are so excited to continue next week!

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