Meet Profe Kata and Profe Kati!

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Greetings from Cusco, Peru! We’d like to take this first post to introduce ourselves as the new Project Managers of GirlSportWorks and pay tribute to Kelly, Jessie, and Kristin for all their hard work over the past year. All three are truly missed by the girls, and are asked about on a daily basis. They were incredible PMs and made a significant impact in the lives of the girls. Thank you Kelly, Jessie and Kristin, we are honored to carry the torch and take GSW into the next year.!

And now a quick introduction to the new GSW Project Managers of 2013-2014!

Profe Kata y Profe Kati

Profe Kata y Profe Kati

Kat Narvaez grew up outside of Philadelphia playing nearly every sport that her school offered – soccer, lacrosse, basketball, indoor and outdoor track, and swimming. Other adventures have led her to yoga, skiing, surfing and cycling. No matter where she has lived, sport has always been an important part of her day-to-day life. As a yoga instructor, she is really looking forward to sharing yoga with the girls, not only to build strength, balance and flexibility, but also to promote meditation, pranayama and visualization techniques among the girls.

Kaitlyn Le Baudour grew up in Northern Catwlifornia playing primarily soccer since the age of 5. Kaitlyn is in love with athletics and her passion for sports has led her to become involved in long distance running, cycling, surfing, backpacking, creative body weight training and most recently rock climbing. Kaitlyn recently graduated from Wheaton College where she had the great privilege of competing and serving as a captain on the women’s varsity soccer team. With a huge value for the life lessons/opportunities sports can facilitate she is excited about exposing the girls to new sports such slack lining and rock climbing in the coming year.

Our first week of classes is off to a great start, playing football and hockey at the schools. We have been focusing primarily on communications and teamwork, taking time to discuss these objectives with the girls at the end of class, and how they related to the drills and games that we played. We hope to kick start our first field trip within the next two weeks to the Sachsayhuaman ruins with Las Chicas Dinámicas of Santoni. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates.


Also, we have a personal goal of getting the word out about GSW through obtaining 1,000 “likes” on Facebook in the coming year. So do your part and “like us” and tell your friends to do the same!