Miracles with Marieve

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After our one week orientation with Kelly, as new Project Managers our minds were full to the brim with the GSW how to’s; everything from how to record expenses, to running Pub Quiz, to where to get an overpriced but totally worth it best smoothie of your life (Green’s Organic), to not getting ripped off in a cab, to maneuvering crowded combis all over town with over-sized bags of sports equipment. Kelly departed Cusco and though we were still processing the new information, we were stoked to get started and ready to fly solo. Then day one came at Los Nogales. What we failed to mention in the last blog post was our classic rookie mistakes; mistiming combi transport, forgetting the girls folders, stickers and prizes.  Luckily we had the sports equipment (phew) so despite these set backs, class still went on.

Profes first day on the job (flying solo!)

The Profes first day on the job (flying solo!)

That Monday afternoon the sun was exceptionally strong in Cusco and las chicas dinámicas of Los Nogales (one of our larger groups) were rather rowdy, testing out their new PM’s by bringing puppies to class, arguing during games and playing music on their cell phones. Atención! (Attention) Silencio! (Silence) Hielo! (Ice) Escuchen chicas! (Listen girls), Por favor! (Please) we yelled over, over and over again. That first day we really pulled out every and any way to say be quiet, stay still, listen in a GSW Rated-G way.

There were two wildcards being especially disruptive that afternoon, Marieve and Yesenia. After class, Kaitlyn spoke to the two girls and told them she expected better behavior, and that if things didn’t change for the better next week then we would ask them to sit out of activities.  The girls nodded their heads in agreement and promised to be on their best behavior.

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Week two rolled around and thanks to the note we put by the door, we remembered the sports equipment, folders, stickers, prizes AND arrived ahead of time.  While the girls were coloring their folders at the start of class, Marieve approached Kaitlyn and asked if she could be a leader.

“Are you going to be a good example?,” Kaitlyn asked.

“Sí profe!”(Yes Teacher!), Marieve replied.

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 That afternoon we saw an incredible change in Marieve’s behavior. We start every class by talking to the girls about the day’s objectives; which were sportsmanship, teamwork and communication. Marieve still had a loud voice that day, but instead of nudging her teammates to disobey, she was encouraging them to stay focused, to work hard, but most importantly have fun and enjoy the game. By the end of the day, we were more than pleased to award her la Coneja Colaboradora (Collaborating Rabbit) for all her hard work, and tremendous change in attitude. She exhibited the spirit of a true Chica Dinámica and it was clear how a little discipline helped transform Marieve into a great leader at Los Nogales.

Marieve and the Coneja Colaboradora

Marieve and the Coneja Colaboradora