Thanksgiving in Cusco

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Thanksgiving is a time where family and friends come together, a lot of eating happens, and most importantly a lot of love is shared… in America.

Here in Peru the alarm clock sounds, the people go to work as usual, and well, a lot of food is still consumed, because that’s just what Peruvians do. But, we are American at heart in many ways and we couldn’t help celebrate the idea of gratitude, especially while so far away from the ones who were gathering around their tables without us this year.

Kat and I went out for an atypical Thanksgiving dinner of vegan lasagna, sushi and samosas. Sitting around our table for two we shared what we were grateful for this holiday season. Without a doubt we both expressed our gratitude for our jobs. For both of us it has been an incredibly empowering experience to empower 100 little girls every week. We feel very blessed for the opportunities to see so many girls work out what it means to be on a team, to face fears, or to step out as a leader. Witnessing these beautiful moments make us remember the times in each of our lives when we had to go through the same experiences ourselves and grow.

On a recent field trip to a local swimming pool in Cusco, Kat and I helped many girls float and swim for the first time. It was such a simple morning for us, but for these girls who did not know how to swim or were afraid of water it was much more. This field trip fell on Thanksgiving day and as we talked about how it went I realized how grateful we are for the people back home and around the world who make empowering experiences like this possible.

You are the ones who pay for these fieldtrips, you are the ones who give the girls a nutritional snack each day before class. You are the ones that provide soccer balls, and jump ropes, and lacrosse sticks. We are the faces the girls see everyday, but you are equally as in involved in the empowerment and for that Kat and I and GirlSportWorks THANKS YOU. Thank you for your continued support of our mission.